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X-men 97 New Animated Series Disney Plus!
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From: Generic guest name , 1 months, post #61
The scene starts at 09:44

From: Heri , 1 months, post #62
I watched it, in my opinion it was totally not worth it

From: DaveS , 1 months, post #63
Episode 7: a short Morph male TF and an animal TF from another mutant
Click to show spoiler
n Zbeybpx tvey zbheavat gur qrnguf bs Pnyyvfgb naq Yrrpu ng n znxrfuvsg zrzbevny va Trabfun genafsbezf vagb n fznyy gebcvpny oveq. Yngre, qhevat n svtug jvgu Obyvine Genfx, Zbecu zvzvpf Dhvpxfvyire... abg whfg uvf nccrnenapr, ohg nyfb uvf fhcre fcrrq.

From: guest (gg) , 29 days, post #64
hope he transform into a female civilian :)

From: Generic guest name , 29 days, post #65
Honestly I have a feeling they've just stopped using him at this point

From: guest (Huh) , 29 days, post #66
No duh. The season is not called morph show

From: DaveS , 29 days, post #67
Episode 8: short Morph male TF. and..
Click to show spoiler
Zbecu oevrsyl gheaf vagb Whttreanhg gb nggnpx Gevfu Gvyol, jub vf bar bs znal uhznaf Onfgvba unf frpergyl genafsbezrq vagb arkg-trarengvba uhzna Fragvary plobetf (jubfr nccrnenapr punatrf jura gurl ner "npgvingrq.")

From: DaveS , 22 days, post #68
Episode 9 two quick male TFs from Morph
First Morph turns into the Hulk to bash some Sentinels, then he tries to fool Bastion as Mr. Sinister... it doesn't work

From: guest , 22 days, post #69
Welp time to wait for season 2. Hopefully the comic tie in will have more mtf

From: guest (Guest 2) , 22 days, post #70
Soory the show wasn’t called the morph show and friends bub

From: guest , 22 days, post #71
the best one here was when he was Jean for a couple minutes and pretended to be her pregnant self

From: Generic guest name , 21 days, post #72
True post #71

From: guest (Hi) , 21 days, post #73
Any news / thing about Shadow King and Emma Frost yet?

From: guest (Horny One) , 21 days, post #74
Aww... hbout the plot? As good as the original 97' X-Men?

From: guest (Guest 74) , 21 days, post #75
Yes! It a continuation of that series

From: guest , 20 days, post #76
Ya the plot and animation of the show is fantastic, showed it to my friends last night and theyre already itching for more

From: guest , 15 days, post #77
Any morph tf?

From: DaveS , 15 days, post #78
Episode 10: Final episode of Season 1
Three brief Morph TFs, three male and one female
Female TF:Click to show spoiler
Gbjneq gur raq bs gur rcvfbqr, jura na vawherq Jbyirevar pnyyf sbe Wrna Terl, Zbecu punatrf vagb ure naq gryyf uvz gung gurl ybir uvz
Male TFs:Click to show spoiler
Zbecu fubjf gur qrcbjrerq, ntrq Ze Fvavfgre uvf arj htyl snpr. Yngre, ba Nfgrebvq Z, Zbecu oevrsyl gheaf vagb Fnheba (gur uhzna/cgrenabqba uloevq sebz Zneiry, abg gur Ybeq bs gur Evatf ivyynva) naq yngre Ze. Snagnfgvp (hfvat uvf rynfgvpvgl).
From: guest , 15 days, post #79
Marvel please revive Emma Frost!

From: guest (rrr) , 15 days, post #80
timestamp for jean grey tf?

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