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Metamorphose FAQ

What are the changes to the new site?
  • Multiple transformation categories.
  • On the fly categories.
  • Wiki style editing with saved history for rollbacks.
  • A trusted user level that can approve and reject submissions.
  • Preview options for entries and the message board.

What isn't working?
I started this recoding of the site back in January of 06, and it still isn't finished. So instead of waiting for it to be completed. Which never really happens. I decided to go live with the new code as is. This means that many things aren't working yet.
  • Submission Wizard (only a very basic submission page exists right now.)
  • Image Upload (there is no image uploading right now.)
  • Preferences do not work.
  • Starting message board threads that are linked to an entry.

What is Wiki style editing?
Wiki's are websites that let anyone make changes to the websites data. Wikipedia is the best know example of this. Any page that has an 'Edit this Page' link, can be changed by you. If you will notice, that includes this page. See a spelling or grammar error on this page? You can fix it.

But there are difference between Wikipedia and the new Metamorphose. The mark up style used to the pages is similar to Wikipedia, but is much more like html than Wikipedia. Also, submissions do not go live right away. They have to be approved by someone with a 'Trusted User' or higher access level. Wikipedia lets anyone make changes at any time.

It has been my personal experience that there is a small group of people that visit this site that submit incorrect or made-up information. Because the internet will always have trolls, I have decided to stick with an approval system.

What are on the fly categories?
Each entry can be part of any category. But there is no set list. You can add any category to any entry, or even make up new ones. If you click on the 'Categories' link on the menu you can see all the current categories.

What are rollbacks?
Whenever a change is made to a page. The system logs it and keeps a history of all changes that have been made. If someone manages to change an entry to something you think is incorrect. You have the option to manually correctly it or rolling it back to a previous version. If you click on the 'History' link, you can see the change history. You can view each version the entry has gone through. If you click on the rollback button, you submit a request to change it back to that version.

Who are trusted users?
Guests are anyone who does not log into the site. Users do log into the site. Users that have posted to the site can be promoted to trusted users. When the site went live, I promoted anyone who had submitted 4 or more active entries. Trusted users do not have to wait for changes to be approved. Their changes go live right away. They can also approve other people's changes.

What about adding icons for the different types of transformations?
A surprisingly popular feature of the first version of that was dropped the first time the site was rewritten. I will probably return this feature whenever I get around to making new gifs that fit in with the new site.

How about adding other new features to the site.
Maybe, depends on what it is. Keep in mind that the current upgrade isn't finished, and I do have a list of things to do before I consider the upgrade to be completed. But I would like to let everyone know that I am very busy these days and expect additional changes to happen only when I have the time. When will that be? I have no idea.

Why are message board messages deleted because of links?
The most common reason is that the message contained a link to illegally hosted copyrighted materials. One reason for deleting the message is that it is illegal. There is another reason as well, and that is I do not want this site to become a portal for copyright infringement. This is my site and I ask that you respect my decision on this matter. --Paul

Aren't you really just afraid of being shutdown by the RIAA or MPAA?
No, not at all. Even if I was trying to run a copyright infringement portal (which I am not), I would simply have to comply with any requests to remove illegal links.

But a link can't be illegal?
Actually, direct links (or deep links) to copyrighted materials is also illegal.

Since this site is hosted in the USA, copyrighted works from other countries would be ok?
No. the USA has signed multiple treaties such as the Berne Convention to uphold the copyrights of other countries in exchange for them to uphold the USA's.

So I can't post any links to copyrighted material?
My current stance on the issue is that clips are ok. Also advertisement-like commercials are ok.

How do I add comments or reviews for an entry
Create a message on the Message Board and start the subject with either COMMENT: or REVIEW: followed by the entry's name. In the Message box, enter your comment or review. We'll take care of the rest (it may take a few days, so please, be patient).

Link to Common Terms and Abbreviations that you may see being used on this site.

Unknown Entry Links
Message Posting Help

originally posted by paul on 2006-12-20, 25 edits, entryid=1840