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Interesting manga about a worldwide body swap event
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From: guest (0To11) , 9 months, post #21
Reuploaded link of chap 3 is chapter 1

From: guest (0To11) , 9 months, post #22
Nvm, already found it

From: guest (Azul 54) , 7 months, post #23
Chapter 7 is finished

From: guest (Azul 54) , 6 months, post #24
Chapter seven has already been published

From: guest (TA) , 5 months, post #25
Chapter 7 translated in English and freely available is out!

From: guest (Azul54) , 5 months, post #26
Oh yes, I think this is going to be my favorite TSF product of the year.

From: guest (Ge) , 5 months, post #27
keep going

From: guest (Azul54) , 3 months, post #28
Chapter eight was already published and it was the end of the series (I estimated that it would last about ten chapters).

Anyway, I really enjoyed this work and I will be following KP mouse's next projects very closely.

From: guest (Azul54) , 3 months, post #29
Chapther 8 RAW:

From: guest (TA) , 3 months, post #30
Thanks for posting, didn't know there was a new chapter,

From: guest (Azul54) , 3 months, post #31
Chapter eight with English translation.
thanks to Greenway for the chapter!

From: guest (TA) , 3 months, post #32
I finished reading this story yesterday and I found it quite interesting (judging by the way the last chapter ended, I imagine this is the end of the series?). The thing about the author speeding up time and showing us all those events happened decades and decades away into the future, I thought it was very well done. It reminded me somewhat of the end of the TV show "Six Feet Under".

The story of the last survivor of the terrorist attack – of the daughter and the father who swapped bodies – the daughter having lived her entire life inside the father's body, I found this idea brilliant and part of me regrets it not having been further explored in the manga, because it's something pretty fascinating, the kind of thing I would love to see a whole story on. It would be pretty cool to see the father going through a second childhood, now as a baby girl, and the daughter growing up in an adult body, an “adult baby”. Really felt in love with this idea and I wish there was some other story about such theme.

Two small critiques I would make regarding the story in general:

1) I think the author could have explored more/better the idea of some of the people who swapped bodies not accepting their new bodies and deciding to transition back to their original gender. To give an example, the first story the manga shows us is about a mother and the son who swapped bodies. You have the son, now inside the mother's body, still dressing as an adult woman and the mother, now in the son's body, dressing as a little boy. Why is that? Why isn't the son at least a “tomboy woman”? It would have been an interesting story where this had happened, but the mother decides to still dress like an adult woman, let her hair grow, take hormones, and maybe even undergo gender reassignment surgery?

P.S: To be fair, the author showed us some cases where people tried to live like their old-selves, such as the little girl who swapped bodies with a firefighter, but it bothered me how they apparently didn't try – at all – to have a more feminine appearance (for example, letting their hair grow). So I found it quite weird, like the girl is trying to live like her old selves, like a high-school girl, and wearing a female school uniform, but why isn't she wearing a wig or trying the best she can to, at least, look like an adult trans woman?

2) One thing I found a bit confusing, especially at the beginning of the manga, is how much the rest of society knew about the body swap terrorist attack? This question may seem silly and obvious, because you see people talking about this event on the news and the like, and it seems like the knowledge that this body swap event happened is an unquestionable fact.

At the same time, you had people who got swapped and who managed to fool everyone, like that pedophile who switched bodies with the little girl and took, not only her body, but her identity as well. What I'm trying to say here is, if this is a commonly known fact, how come you had so many cases of people fooling everyone? Wouldn't society and the victim's families have been more skeptical about people's identities?

I think the series doesn't explain this aspect quite right. My humble theory here is that: maybe there was a sector of society that simply never believe that a body swap event had happened in the first place (similar to those who don't believe man's trip to the moon in our world), and consider that what had happened was a common terrorist attack, and that this resulted in a mass hysteria event, which made some people to say they had switched bodies. The fact that this technology is never developed again, probably would contribute to some having such a position.

Aside from this explanation, I also think that many parents and relatives might have entered a kind of denial stage. On one hand, you have your daughter saying “I'm your daughter, daddy!”, on the other hand, you have a weird grown man saying that he is your daughter and that her body was stolen. I believe many survivors' families sorta knew what was happening, but decided to ignore it, like “Oh, she doesn't remember who her brother is because of the trauma of the accident”.

Anyway, those would be my only two observations regarding the manga, overall I found it a very pleasant experience, and I'm very happy to have read it.

From: guest (Azul54) , 3 months, post #33

I agree with you on both things, I also think that the author should have "played" more with the actual life of the people who suffered the change even though I think this is because this manga is more about "what if" ideas, "what if a mother changed with her son", "what if an illegal worker changed with a salaryman", so the author's intention was to present us different strange situations where this happens.
Regarding misleading people's relatives by saying they suffer from amnesia, I think many people simply cared that their relative was alive after surviving such a tragic event so they didn't give much importance to their strange behavior.

And yes there were several people who refused to accept the incident such as the mother of the boy who changed with the AV actress or the parents of the girl (who was actually a boy) kept treating her as their "daughter" even though "she" wasn't sure she was.

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