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Interesting manga about a worldwide body swap event
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From: guest (tights) , 24 months, post #1
Sadly I couldn't find any copy online to download, it seems to be a somewhat of a niche thing. Judging by what I could understand with the help of Google Translator, it looks like there was some terrorist attack that made people to swap bodies and the manga deals with this.

From: guest (tights) , 24 months, post #2
Here is some ruffe translation about the story:

It is set that one year has passed since the terrorist attack caused by the mass replacement on the train.
The criminals have died and are irreversible.
Most of them are after-sales with dark chest feces, and there are a lot of former male superiority and former female inferiority.
  • The content focuses on replacement rather than TSF.

13 pairs of men and women (TSF), 1 pair of women swapping,
・ Former male perspective: 9 pages
・ Former female perspective: 9 pages
・ Third party ♂ viewpoint: 4 pages
・ Third party ♀ viewpoint: 3 pages
The main part of is 25 pages in total (1 page is completed each).
There is also a story in which only one that has been replaced appears.

It contains some sexual words, but no sexual or local depictions. Please note.

From: guest (tights) , 24 months, post #3
Some previews:

And, in case you are interesting, the author's twitter:

From: guest , 24 months, post #4
Couldn't you just buy it and then get it? I think FANZA is mostly a digital store

From: guest (Tights) , 23 months, post #5
For those interested, the author seemed to have release, or is about to release, the next chapter of his manga. I think for the moment is on some patreon-like website, but it seems he will release on FANZA in the coming days or so.

Also, I saw your message on twitter, if you're reading this thread, I just wanted to say that I liked your work a lot. And, a humble suggestion, you should consider to release these mangas on English as well, there are a looot of people who would love to read this (it's somewhat of a rare kink) and get a better understanding of what is going on, since machine translation is a little ruff around the edges and some things you can't get by just the image context. And, lastly, you probably already heard about it, but you might like reading stories taking place in "The Great Shift" universe on fictionmania, it is pretty much the same idea of your manga, if I understand it correctly (maybe I think the only difference is that there is no terrorist attack and the event is attributed to magic),. Great Shift&wxsynopsis=&wxtext=&wxmale=&wxchange=&wxother=&stype=ww

ALSO, PLEAAAASE, do some scenes of a little boy trapped on his mom body struggling to put tights/pantyhose on the next chapters XD

From: guest , 23 months, post #6
Bro stfu and stop annoying Japanese Twitter users with all your request and just enjoy. Bet you’re one of those people constantly replying what’s the name in English?! Can you do this??

From: guest (Tights) , 23 months, post #7
"Bro", why do you got so triggered by a simple suggestion – which wasn't even posted on Twitter nor directed to you to begin with it. Are you one of those wannabe japanese westerns who get triggered with other non-japonese people who shows interests on japanese stuff? You are one of those persons, right? Can you go fuck yourself, can you do this??

From: guest (Tights) , 23 months, post #8
The next chapter is available on FANZA:

Some previews:

From: guest (Vicky) , 23 months, post #9
does anyone know where i can get it i can pay for it but i don't know how

From: guest (Generic guest name) , 23 months, post #10
@Vicky it's on FANZA, you can get it like any other e-shop probably you need to make an account but I can't assure you if you need to login to buy it

From: guest , 23 months, post #11
You need a DMM account, and you need to purchase POINTS before buying.

Go to the big P symbol up top of page and click Charge Points.

Then, do the Paypal option, and the custom amount option(charge the amount you need to buy the manga, I can't see the price as I bought it already).

Once points are charged, you can buy and download the manga.

Please support the group and KPMouse.
KPMouse has the largest catalogue of documented body swaps in Japanese media in the world at the moment, and tirelessly combs EVERYTHING, from 20+ year old mangas at the JP archive libraries, to recent sub events in mobile games. If it has a body swap, they will document it. They even commission others for manga and novels, like this 2 part world body swap manga.

Here's their site:

And for the second largest catalogue of body swaps, seek Irekawarimaniax:

I recommend google chrome and the google translate addon set to auto translate, perfectly serviceable for maneuvering around both sites.

From: guest (Tweauk3410) , 23 months, post #12

From: guest (TA) , 20 months, post #13
Chapter 3 is out!

From: whitetights , 17 months, post #14
Re-upload of Chapter 3:

For those interesse, chapter 4 is out but it didn't leak yet, sadly:

From: guest (whitetights) , 16 months, post #15
Chapter 4 leaked. Sadly no English translation yet.

From: guest (Swap Films) , 13 months, post #16
Hey, I'm the scanlator of this manga. Sorry for the wait, but here you have the fourth instalment of the series in English:

What's funny is that I was actively looking for a leak all this time and it was posted here 2 months ago LOL. Try your best to download it as quickly as possible because it's probably gonna be taken down soon.

I'm aware that the 5th chapter is already out, I'll do my best to search for it. If someone founds it, I'll be checking this forum from time to time.

Ps: The author really cranked up the fucked up-ness in the 4th chapter, holy shit.

From: guest (Swap Films) , 10 months, post #17
The 5th chapter translated into English is out NOW:

I'm currently working on translating the 6th instalment.

From: guest (Swap Films) , 10 months, post #18
The 6th chapter translated into English is out NOW TOO:

From: guest (0To11) , 10 months, post #19
do u have 2nd and 3rd chapter? i want it

From: guest (blind) , 9 months, post #20
Chap 2 & 3 are in the imgur link

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