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tail scenes in movies/commercials/cartoons/shows?
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From: guest , 32 months, post #401
I agree with post #399. Most animal or body part transformations in general are just offscreen or poofs which is in my (likely unpopular) opinion kinda boring.
By far one of my favorite transformations when it comes to tails has to be Lucy's Tale ( and Ginger Snaps from 2000. Those detailed slow progressive transformations are rare, but a joy to watch.

Also, 400 posts reached. Absolutely wonderful.

From: guest (Kano2000) , 32 months, post #402
Your opinion isn't all that unpopular, #401. Poof TFs are the bane of *all* TF enthusiasts.

From: guest (Question) , 32 months, post #403
Where do you find the ginger snaps video

From: guest , 32 months, post #404
You can find the full movie on YouTube right now (at least in *sufficient* quality)

Since this is the tails thread, the tail scenes are at: 34.00; 42.50; 1.01.20 (There's blood here); 1.02.25; 1.04.20 (If you keep watching this scene - when she is banging on the door you can see the tail)

Hope this helps

From: guest , 32 months, post #405
You know what i find interesting so just watched the new venom and obviously the cgi is fantastic and the transition from venom to eddie is great but why cant they make great looking tail growth/animal transformation scenes

From: guest , 32 months, post #406
I feel like filmmakers are for some reason either "scared" of making animal humanoids or otherwise just very lazy when they do. One trend that kinda annoys me is the fact that 99.9% of werewolves are just ghouls with some animal-ish facial features. Even big budget movies shy away from it.
I must add though that the makers of Wonder Woman 1984 really outdid themselves with cheetah. However, of course, the entire transformation was offscreen. Thankfully at least they gave her a tail and some actual digitigrade paws. Not to mention the way they animated the fur is simply mind-numbingly realistic. Shame that all we got to see was a 5 minute fight scene in the dark.

From: guest (Guest) , 32 months, post #407
Even if the tail growth isn’t shown onscreen I still appreciate a well animated tail if the character has one

From: guest , 32 months, post #408
This movie was poorly reviewed, but I do like the performers' sinuous CGI tails and how they're utilized, especially at the 1:28 mark. The way they flex and quiver and then jerk erect is quite erotic! :D

NB. The person who's uploaded this has used a different soundtrack.

From: guest , 32 months, post #409
I've watched the whole movie to see what all the fuss is about and, in all honesty, I personally think the only good thing in the movie is the tail CGI. (Which says a lot considering even that drops in quality quite a few times throughout the movie)

I wouldn't suggest watching the whole thing (unless you are truly interested), the video in post #408 basically shows you the best bit as far as CGI goes.

From: guest (Question 2) , 31 months, post #410
Is there a transformation scene in wonder women 1984 or do we just suddenly see her as cheetah

From: guest (Rin2000) , 31 months, post #411
The latter I'm afraid, there's no actual transformation scene. And we don't see much of her in her Cheetah form, it's just for one scene near the end of the movie.

From: guest (Guest) , 31 months, post #412
Any new tail finds lately?

From: guest , 31 months, post #413
Referring to post #410;
There's no tf scene and we don't get to see much of her, but what we do get is worth checking out. Not only is the tail cgi top-notch, but the paws and fur as well.

The movie as a whole may not be anything special, but at least it's nicely filmed. If you appreciate visuals I think you might enjoy it.

From: guest (fowl neckgrim) , 31 months, post #414
In the chinese movie "boonie bears: the wild life" there are many poof tfs but the first transformation of the protagonist (at 21 minutes) has a neat bear tail sprout. Also there may be more non-poof tfs, IDK I didn't watch it all

Here's a link to watch it since it's pretty unfindable

From: guest , 31 months, post #415
The Kuthiraivaal movie is out, but I can't find it anywhere...any ideas?

From: guest (Rin2000) , 31 months, post #416
I've been looking for the movie online as well and I think it was only released theatrically, not on DVD or streaming services yet so it won't be available anywhere yet, I can't find any information on when it will be fully released.

From: guest , 31 months, post #417
Then we probably have to wait.

From: guest , 31 months, post #418
No info on a DVD, Blu Ray or Streaming release date...yet. until then I need video sites that would be good to search for tail content, it's out there, we just need to find it.

From: guest , 31 months, post #419
Found a few from dutch bull's site, not much, but something. Keep searching!

From: guest , 31 months, post #420
And old one, but a good one.

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