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Multiple bodies [one person controls or is in two bodies]
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From: guest (leon) , 98 months, post #41
Almost missed that, thanks!

Great story! And It's awesome when there's also a swap in the mix. Will the next one have this trope?

Thanks for that! I might have to hunt them down to see how it's played out.

Both of those "multibody" caps felt almost like teasers to full-length stories! Your captions feel very fresh in general and I really hope to see more!
Link for the second one:


(NSFW) Should be mentioned. DocVS' old blog has 'clone possession' tag for some captions:
And a couple of caps in here:

Haven't finished reading this one yet, but I found this lengthy story on fm. Bear in mind, it's not a "single entity in control" type story, but another mental clone one.
(As far as I can tell, it's simply direct clones of the OC with a bit of TG. Might still be of interest.)
MASTER PC: Self Love by Aphotic

Also I think this tvtropes link might have some content:
Might need a bit of farming though because it seems to include characters that are almost like a hive mind

From: guest (yourboobsmybody) , 98 months, post #42
Great list Leon! (and thanks for the plug)

I plan on exploring the idea further, I find it really interesting and those first two were just my experimental posts to see what people thought.

From: guest (raaj) , 98 months, post #43 is promoting Join by Steve Toutonghi which is about this subject and appears due for release soon.

From: guest (barackobrahma) , 98 months, post #44
This thread is going on again... Me feels happy! =P

I think that this subtopic is less explored than others, but we are doing a great job showing otherwise! Let's keep going, folks!

From: guest (barackobrahma) , 98 months, post #45
Kinda spoiler... But if you watch The 100,Click to show spoiler
NYVR vf n NV gung ohvyqf n uvir zvaq ol gevpxvat be sbepvat vaqvivqhnyf vagb vg. Fur rira znqr bar tvey, Enira, gelvat gb xvyy urefrys n srj gvzrf, whfg gb cebir n cbvag be fnir ure frpergf. Nyfb, fur ghearq Pynver naq Zbagl´f zbzf ntnvafg gurz, erfcrpgviryl. Va gur cnfg, 97 lrnef ntb zber cerpvfryl, NYVR tbg pbageby bs nyy Rnegu´f ahxrf naq qvq na nezntrqqba yvxr Grezvangbe fgbevrf. Va snpg, vs jr ybbx pybfr, Grezvangbe unf n xvaq bs uvir zvaq gbb.

From: guest (leon) , 98 months, post #46
I haven't watched the show, so I apologize if this seems a premature judgment. Generally, I think it becomes too broad of a subject, especially in scifi, which is a relevant and expected I suppose, and therefore the most popularized one.

Initially, I was thinking more in a smaller scale, more detailed and perhaps more personal works (of any kind). But I realized that you can't get specific when the content itself is limited, whether it's a tv show, a hollywood blockbuster, a fiction novel or just a story or a couple of chapters of a fetish interactive on a website somebody put up.

Actually, if we go deeper I think it can definitely be categorized as a form of narcissist...
Fuck it here's some more content:

Identity Theft by TgAlli

(NSFW) New cap by YBMB:

Total Control. This deleted interactive from 2010, featuring swaps and possessions had some I think. Not sure.

From: Air Gear , 98 months, post #47
Terminator Salvation had a comic book sequel where Skynet gives control over to a serial killer from our time who is then imprinted onto legions of terminator exoskeletons, each one basically becomes an extension of him.

Twelve parts, you can read the first two legally through this link here:

It's better than most of the movies in the series.

From: guest (leon) , 98 months, post #48
Don't want to get hopes up, but there seems to be an RPGMaker-type game in development by Reshiramblack on Farhad's TG forum, which (apparently) will include multiple body possession.

Link to the topic for anyone interested in providing ideas and such:

From: barackobrahma , 97 months, post #49
Nice finding, Leon!

From: guest (GroupPossession) , 97 months, post #50
At around 32:40 ish, he appears to take control of a set of women in a locker room


From: cj , 97 months, post #51
I think you might want to keep an eye on the possibilities of the character Diana from the television series Grimm ... she may not go full possession, butClick to show spoiler
fur frrzf gb or noyr gb rkreg n pbafvqrenoyr nzbhag bs pbageby be vasyhrapr bire bguref .

From: guest (leon) , 97 months, post #52
Thanks for linking that!
For those interested, I'm pretty sure it's from jav series called Body Jack that features possession. You might find more info on Farhad's TG Forum or fictionmania forum.

Thanks for the heads up!

Okay. So I found this manga series titled Mayonaka no X Giten. It features body swapping shuffle-style and it might be a bit disturbing because of a certain murder plot (the whole thing seems to be a whodunit around the swaps.)
Here's the thing: It's not complete yet, so it's not conclusive if it'll even feature this trope. Since it's also a mystery, I thought twice about mentioning the title here, but I'll just go ahead and tag the thing anyway.

Click to show spoiler
Va gur yngre puncgref, vg vf uvagrq gung gur phycevg unf guvf novyvgl. Fvfgre naq nhag bs bar bs gur punenpgref vf gubhtug gb or bpphcvrq ol gur zheqrere.

Again, sorry if this turns out to be a false alert.

From: guest , 97 months, post #53
Mayonaka no X Giten is very interesting. Thanks for the heads up about it leon!

From: guest , 97 months, post #54
Seishin Kyouyuuki - Mind Jointer has up to 3 possessions by one person. It's on g.e-hentai but is translated at Exhentai. Hope that helps!

From: guest , 97 months, post #55
The last one is a little bit disturbing... but are welcome anyway!

From: guest (barackobrahma) , 97 months, post #56
I dont remember this having been posted... so...

It's the last part of a series that is in a hiatus (like many good ones), so, maybe, will be better read the previous ones. At the beginning, you can see the stories' path.

Spoiler: There is a mind possessing multiples bodies. =P

From: guest (leon) , 97 months, post #57
@guest #53
You're welcome! I managed to read it at mangafox (not sure if I'm allowed to link)
Next chapter seems to be out and awaiting translation. There is also a topic for this at Farhad's TG Forums if you want to check for updates.

@guest #54
Thanks! I forgot about that silly TG short. I think it's fair to say it involves some(?) out of character behavior:
Click to show spoiler
Vg'f-n-qn crr!

I think SwitchGuy (the author) plugged that story in the previous page. Also said the next one was sketched out and needed some work, but this was about a month ago =(

Shoutout to SwitchGuy! Thanks for your work and including this trope in your stories!

From: guest (barackobrahma) , 97 months, post #58
@leon I knew that! It was just an evil plot to make Switchguy come back again!
(Not for sure... I just have a fucked up memory... =P )

From: guest (raaj) , 97 months, post #59
Also on fictionmania is a series titled Escape by Sammig82 that involves bodysuits. In the 3rd or 4th chapter the professor figures out how to reanimate a bodysuit with his mind running it while he is another bodysit.

From: guest (leon) , 97 months, post #60
Of course! Great series by Sammig82 for those interested in heavy identity theft stuff. Thanks raaj!
Link to author page (you can find all chapters here):

I'm a bit confused about this one, but apparently this online manga has a boy split into two: male and female. I'm not sure what's going on since it seems to be in Chinese, but judging by the art, I think they both have the same (or similar) mind.
You have to click the last link close to bottom of the page (bottom-right) for the first chapter:
Thanks to Anheru for the heads up.

Lastly, here's another great ongoing storyline by Wassel in The Transplant interactive in
And this time, it's F2F (and AP).

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