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Comment: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
According to reviews I've read the Infinite Improbability Drive causes the crew of the Heart of Gold to turn into sofas and knitted puppets. Replicas of the knitted puppets are available at
From: dambust23* , 234 months, post #1
ive read the book an in all of the books there was not mention of sofas or little kittens. there is mention of one of the menbers turning into a pengeun

From: Corwin* , 234 months, post #2
Don't be surprised if the movie is different from the book, even dramatically so.
The book, the BBC TV series, and the original "Hitchikers" radio plays are all very different from each other, even on major plot points, and they were all produced by largely the same people, with Douglas Adams' involvement!
In the book, with which most of the audience will be most familiar, the Infinite Improbability Drive turns Ford into a penguin; makes Arthur's arms and legs spontaneously fly off and transforms two missiles into a (rather upset) bowl of petunias and a (startled) whale.
Any departures from those minor plot points are doubtless a matter of cinematic license, fun, and the improved state of the art.
The whale certainly does appear, as it's featured prominently in advance promotional art.
Knit puppets? Why not? Sounds like an inexpensive merchandising opportunity too.

From: Lady Sekhmet* , 234 months, post #3
You're a long way from Amber Corwin :)

I expect the film adaptation is going to be wildly different than the book in many areas. You can't squeeze all the amazing things that happen in that series into a single movie, it just can't be done. And what's with Zaphod? Only one head?!

The whale scene is an exception however. The dialog is essentially word for word true to the book. In fact, the video clip found here shows the whole scene (almost):

From: YouKnowWho* , 234 months, post #4
I hate to stick up for Hollywood, but Zaphod does have two heads in the film, it's just that one's hidden underneath the other.

From: Ovid* , 234 months, post #5
"In the book, with which most of the audience will be most familiar, the Infinite Improbability Drive turns Ford into a penguin"

Actually, Ford was not turned into a penguin. The scene in question is after Ford and Arthur "hitchhike" onto the Vogon ship. The act of teleportation ( similar in manner to Star Trek's teleportation ) has an effect not unlike a hangover. When Arthur utters that famous line "Ford, you're turning into a penguin, stop that!", his mind was playing tricks on him. The impopability drive was introduced later when they boarded the Heart of Gold.

From: DB Cooper* , 234 months, post #6
Penguin...I'm almost certain her turned into a penguin on the Heart of Gold.

From: YouKnowWho* , 234 months, post #7
It was definitely due to the Infinite Improbability Drive

From: Ovid* , 234 months, post #8
That's right. Sorry. My memory was foggy.

From: Lady Sekhmet* , 234 months, post #9
Ovid, perhaps you should have a nice hot cup of tea.

Just ignore the atomic vector plotter in the cup that's attached to the logic circuits of a Bamleweeny 57 Sub-Meson Brain.

From: dambust23* , 234 months, post #10
GOD if i new there was to an arguement about this i wouldnt of bothered in the first place

From: him* , 233 months, post #11
i watched the movie like 30 mins ago and they do turn into Sofas and later on they become dolls and briefly flowers but you don't see them as flowers

From: KitsuneKit* , 233 months, post #12
and two missles become a sprem whale and a pot of petuimnas (sp?). The movie was very funny, but I have never read the book so I can't compare.

We can sit around and talk about normal until the cows come home.
What is normal?
What is home?
What are cows?

From: Your plastic pal who's fun to be with* , 233 months, post #13
Just be sure to ask for your tea from the right person, or else you might end up with something almost (but not quite) entirely unlike tea.

From: guest (Goimez) , 220 months, post #14
I loved the part where they turned into sofas

From: cj , 220 months, post #15
I can confirm that the TF's mentioned did, in fact, occur in the movie.

Paul, you can change this from "unconfirmed" now. :-)

From: Michael Binary , 217 months, post #16
Not comparable to the original 80ies series (IMHO).

I watched the flick last night and can confirm it, too.
Ford Prefect and Arthur Dent are sofas and the whole crew becomes knitted puppets.
BTW: The DVD comes with bonus material
Nevertheless, I am still a fan of the book and the 80ies series.

Beside the movie(s), the 5th part of "The Hitcherhikers Guide To The Galaxy"-story, it seems to me, is in someway gratuitous. :-)

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