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I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level
  • Categories:Age, Anime Episode
  • Episode 11 I Ate a Mushroom and Turned Into a Child
  • First Aired: June 19, 2021


Halkara accidentally feeds Azusa a magical mushroom, turning Azusa into a child. Azusa is annoyed but Laika and Flatorte are delighted. Azusa summons Beelzebub, who is unable to resist her cuteness but agrees to take her to Pecora who is also smitten with Azusa’s cuteness but directs her to a dungeon within a giant World Tree where an alchemist lives. Azusa expects a dangerous journey but finds the tree has been turned into a 108 floor tourist attraction where the higher they travel, the more money the tickets cost. Navigating the tourist traps takes time and they stay overnight in a hot spring on floor 38, then the next night on floor 84. Reaching floor 108 the alchemist, a young girl, gives her the cure, pills made by Eno. Eno arrives and is surprised Azusa climbed the tree when wyverns could have flown her to the top, plus the medicine is available in Eno’s shop close to Azusa’s home. Azusa returns to Pecora’s castle and takes the pills, but forgets to change clothes first so when she grows her clothes tear and leave her naked, to Pecora’s delight. Tired and dirty Azusa insists everyone bathe together, including Pecora who asks if she can grope Azusa’s adult breasts, chasing her around the bathroom.

originally posted by Bodyswap1 on 2021-06-20, no edits, entryid=9623