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The Genie Family (Hakushon Daimaō) - Episode: 32
Categories:Animal, Misc Transformation, TV Show


On this Episode of "The Genie Family", Kanchan, Daimaou, and Akubi went out fishing at the sea. Kanchan thought he got a fish but it turns out to be a clam. He threw on his boat and when it opened, it turned out to be a treasure map. They went under water at the bottom of the sea/ocean, they found a giant shell which is the kingdom where the mermaids live. The mermaids invited them and joined them into the party, they offered both Kanchan and Daimaou smoking pipes after Akubi was returned to the magic genie bottle. They both kept smoking with the pipes and then suddenly, their hands turned into fish fins and their bodies turned into fish bodies. They went to talk to the queen of the mermaids, but they found out that she was behind all this when she started to transform into a black pinned (spiking) fish creature and stated we're going to eat you. And the end, it was all just a nightmare that Kanchan dreamt about.

(Similar to the "The Little Mermaid" and "Pinocchio")


originally posted by juupton on 2015-04-06, no edits, entryid=9590