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The Flash
  • Categories:television show, comic book
  • TV Series Premier: October 7, 2014
  • TV Series Finale: Ongoing
  • Comic First Published: Digitally Oct 1, 2014
  • Number of Seasons as a Television Series: 4 (as of 2018)
  • Number of "Seasons" as a Comic Book: 1 (Season Zero)
  • Created by Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and Geoff Johns


The Flash is a Television series based on a reimagined origin of Barry Allen, the Flash. It focuses on Barry's early years in Central City. Many of the familiar faces from DC Comic and Movie mythos appear in this series, but many have new origins.

The Flash is a spinoff of the Arrow and part of the CW DC Comics TV Shared Universe known as Arroverse.

Starting with the event outlined in Arrow episode "Three Ghosts" (December 11, 2013), an accident occurs at Star Labs particle accelerator that creates metahumans in Central City.

Along with the TV Series, there is a Comic Book that is set before the seasons on TV, starting with a Season Zero.

Original Cast

  • Grant Gustin as Barry Allen / Flash
  • Candice Patton as Iris West
  • Danielle Panabaker as Dr. Caitlin Snow / Killer Frost
  • Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon / Vibe
  • Tom Cavanagh as Dr. Harrison Wells / Harry (Earth-2) / H.R. (Earth 19) / Legion of Wells / Reverse-Flash
  • Jesse L. Martin as Detective Joe West

Original Cast that has Left the Show

  • Rick Cosnett as Eddie Thawne

Additional Cast that Left the Show

Additional Cast That Joined the Series

  • Keiynan Lonsdale as Wally West / Kid Flash
  • Neil Sandilands as Clifford DeVoe / The Thinker

The Flash episode Don't Run - Race/Male
The Flash episode Lose Yourself - Male/Gender
The Flash episode Subject 9 - Female/Gender
The Flash episode The Trap - Male/Age
The Flash episode Tricksters - Male
The Flash episode True Colors - Male/Gender
The Flash episode Who Is Harrison Wells? - Male/Female/Age/Gender

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