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  • Categories:Female, Male, Gender, Comic Book
  • Dark Horse Comics
  • Issue 1 - November 2014


Jericho Way, an architect-turned-burglar, is The Maker. Thousands of years ago, he was Tao, whose job was to build tombs for the Egyptian pharaohs. When he was betrayed, Tao joined a group of grave-robbers known as The Resurrectionists. The members of the group have been reincarnated throughout history in an effort to pull off a heist that would allow Tao some revenge.

The Resurrectionists can access their past lives' memories and abilities if they are "unlocked" through a near-death experience. In the comic, someone tapping into a past life's ability appears to briefly transform into the person they were at that time. In issue 3, Jericho unlocks abilities he had as an escape artist in 1930's Germany.

The Resurrectionist known as The Scout is proof that not all reincarnations were the same gender. In the present day, she is a blonde woman named Lena, but in ancient Egypt The Scout was a mute man named Memi. Several fighting scenes show Lena making use of her other lives' abilities...Click to show spoiler
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