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Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation
  • Categories:Monster, Video Game, Animal, Inanimate, Gender
  • Dragon Quest V: Shikkusu Maboroshi no Daichi (Land of Illusion) in Japan
  • Dragon Quest: Realms of Reverie in Europe
  • System: Super Famicom in Japan only
  • Released: December 9, 1995
  • Enhance Remake Released for DS as Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation on February 14, 2011. This is the first release of the game outside of Japan.
  • Also Known in Europe and Australia as Dragon Quest: Realms of Reverie
  • � Square-Enix
  • Series: Dragon Quest


Monster to Human or Monster

Several mirror type monsters (Devil glasses, Haunted mirrors & Infernal panes) can cast the spell of Morph which changes their appearance to look like someone in the heroes active party.

Human to Monster/Dragon

Amos, an optional party member, has a special skill, Metamorphosis, and he is the only one that can use it.
When you first encounter him, Amos is in bed and cannot remember what happens to him at night. When you find a way to help him and he joins, he can use his spell to turn into a large monster that randomly attacks the enemies.


When you enter Clearvale in the real world and visit the Inn, there is a man about to take a bath. If you talk to him, he will run to the closet and in a puff of smoke he changes into a bunny girl. When you confront her later about being a man, she denies it.

Gender and Human to Monster and Age

When you use the Mirror of Ra on the Prince of Somnia in the dream world, you reveal that he is actually,Click to show spoiler
Ncarn, gur dhrra bs Fbzavn.
Later, when you confront Murdaw with the same mirror, you learnClick to show spoiler
gung ur vf npghnyyl gur xvat bs Fbzavn gung jnf genccrq vagb guvaxvat ur jnf Zheqnj va gur qernz jbeyq.
Later, when they know what is going on, you find a new Prince in Somnia in the dream worldClick to show spoiler
jub vf guvf gvzr gur xvat gnxvat ba gur lbhatre sbez.

Human to Animal/Gender/Age Regression

In Sorceria you encounter an older man that uses the morph spell to take on the form of your party leader. You learn his wife has morphed into the form of a cat, but cannot remember how to change back.

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