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Adventure Time with Finn and Jake
Categories:Size, Inanimate, Age, Television Series


Size (Jake's Shapeshifting), Inanimate (Magic Man episode), Age (Lich episode)

Cartoon Network presents a new hit cartoon called Adventure Time with Finn and Jake, most commonly called Adventure Time!

Finn the Human lives with his buddy Jake, a shapeshifting dog in a magical land called Ooo in their tree house. They meet all kinds of people of Ooo, like Princess BubbleGum of the Candy Kingdom, Lumpy Space Princess (LSP), Marcelline the Vampire Queen, Lady Rainicorn, and the show's principal antagonist, the Ice King, who plans every episode to kidnap princesses to marry him, only to be foiled by Finn and Jake.

In every Adventure, Jake has the magical ability to change his shape to help Finn get around Ooo to explore Ooo or fight, depending on the situation. Many transformations are done through magic.

In The Magic Man episode, Finn and Jake encounter a Magic Man, who transforms Finn into a foot, and Finn meets other outcasts who have encountered the Magic Man. Eventually Finn gets his fellow freaky friends to band together to fight the Magic Man, and get turned back to normal.

Finn and Jake encounter an evil character called the Lich, who possesses a snail to escape his prison, then the Ice King captures Princess BubbleGum and brings her to witness the defeat of the Lich by Finn and Jake. The defeated Lich possesses Princess BubbleGum after she fell into the well of souls, where the Lich was planning to gain immortality. The Ice King then helps Finn and Jake defeat the possessed BubbleGum by freezing her. After attempting to restore BubbleGum to normal, the Candy Kingdom's medical staff announce that Princess BubbleGum appears to be 13 years of age, the result of lacking more bubble gum to restore her back to her former self. The Ice King then decides to leave the Candy Kingdom, as the princess is too young for him. The younger princess then hugs Finn for saving her.

Tree Trunks the elephant gets possessed by a crystal apple, and attempts to transform Finn into the Crystal King, only to be defeated by Jake, who gets Tree Trunks to spit out the crystal apple, destroying it, and restoring Tree Trunks to normal. She is a good friend of Jake and Finn, and often comes to Finn and Jake's Movie Night with the other girls of Ooo.

New season (3) features genderbent versions of our Adventure Time cast. Fiona and her cat, Cake, Marshall Lee (Marcelline's male counterpart), and Prince Gumball (Princess BubbleGum), as well as the Ice Queen (Ice King's female counterpart). This new version of Ooo is an alternate dimension Finn and Jake discover while at Marcelline's house.

Plently of transformations in Adventure Time.

originally posted by guest(Kris Rothacher) on 2011-07-15, 1 edit, entryid=8994