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Tonight Show with Jay Leno - Virtual Jay sketch
Categories:Furry, Television Episode, Comedy


This is part of one of the Virtual Jay sketches, Jay is on the computer trying to book a flight to Italy when his cat knocks over a cup of water, which spills over the keyboard and causes the computer to short circuit.

As Jay tries to fix it he is zapped and is transported into the computer and turned into a computerized version of himself.

Thinking he is in Italy, when in actuality he is in a casino - he goes through a bit of a hassle before ending up in some computer geeks pocket and taken to a club, before he is on a computer table and sat on by a heavy-set computer technician.

The disc he is stuck on is one that leads up to a page of Sexycats which is the site that his cat is looking at, the face of the second cat on the screen morphs into Jay's face and Jay's cat downloads him.

After he is downloaded, he returns to his normal real self but something's changed, he finds that he's been turned into a cat-man with paws, a tail, ears, whiskers, and black fur and nose, he coughs up a hairball before chasing his cat around the house.


originally posted by guest(Nathan Forester) on 2011-09-11, 3 edits, entryid=8846