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The Pig Who Cried Werewolf
Categories:Gender, Animal, Animated, Animated Short


This 6 minute movie for the 3DS is a Shrek halloween short featuring the three pigs, one of the pigs likes playing tricks on his two brothers and after pretending that he saw a flying saucer he gets tied to a chair until he learns to behave himself, he hears strange sounds and begins suspecting something strange is going on next door.

His two brothers on the other hand don't believe him and think he is crazy, and they try to prove this to him by going over to the house next door, but are mysteriously abducted once they enter.

A rather hefty brown-haired woman appears from behind and takes him away to her house, so that she can have him for dinner - literally.

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The three pigs run out of the house and head home as the wolf changes back and forth from himself into the hefty, hungry brown haired female human.

originally posted by guest(Nathan Forester) on 2011-10-09, 5 edits, entryid=8755