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Mortal Kombat 2011
Categories:Video Game, Age, Size, Gender, Were, Male, Mechanical


In the new MK game, Raiden sends a mental message to his past self in order to prevent the events of Mortal Kombat Armageddon. The game contains various transformations.

Age: Babalities, a finishing move where you turn your opponent into a baby, make a return.

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Funat Gfhat fgnegf gur fgbel nf na byq zna, yvxr va ZX1, naq whfg yvxr ZX2 ur unf uvf lbhgu erfgberq ol Funb Xnua.

Size: One of Ermac's fatalities involves him shrinking his opponent before stepping on them and crushing them.

Were: Click to show spoiler
Va Avtugjbys'f raqvat uvf jbys fcvevg thvqr orpbzrf cbffrffrq ol Funb Xnua. Nf n erfhyg Avtugjbys orpbzrf n jrerjbys pnhfvat nalbar ur ovgrf gb orpbzr bar gbb.

Monster :Mileena is given a full back story during the story mode of the game.Click to show spoiler
Fur vf perngrq ol Funat Gfhat nf n pybar bs Xvgnan, ohg jvgu Gnexngna puenpgrevfgvpf, vapyhqvat n irel qvsbezrq zbhgu jvgu ynetr, funec grrgu.

Mechanical: Click to show spoiler
Rneyl va gur fgbel zbqr bs gur tnzr, cer-plobet irefvbaf bs Plenk naq Frxgbe fubj hc. Gurl ner yngre ghearq vagb plobetf ol gur Yva Xhrv, ubjrire gurve uhzna sbezf ner cynlnoyr nf nygreangr pbfghzrf. Yngre ba va gur fgbel, va n qviretrapr sebz gur cerivbhf pnaba jurer Fzbxr vf pncgherq, vafgrnq gur frpbaq Fho-Mreb vf pncgherq ol gur Yva Xhrv vafgrnq bs Fzbxr naq ghearq vagb n plobet pnyyrq Plore Fho-Mreb. Nyfb, qhevat gur fgbel, Xnony fgnegf nf n uhzna, ohg vf ohearq onqyl naq unf plobeagrvp cnegf vafgnyyrq gb ercnve uvf yhatf. Vs ur erzbirf gur znfx, ur jvyy qvr. Nyfb va gur fgbel, gur ernfba sbe Wnk'f zrpunavpny nezf vf fubja jura Reznp oheaf uvf nezf bss.

Male: Click to show spoiler
Va Plore Fho-Mreb'f raqvat, ur xvyyf Funb Xnua ubjrire Funb Xnua'f fbhy cbffrffrf naq birejuryzf uvz genafsbezvat uvz vagb Plore Funb Xnua.

Gender: Shang Tsung regains his ability to morph in this game and as a result it shows up a few times. His pre-fight intro involves him walking up morphed into his opponent before changing back into himself. Likewise, his round 1 win animation causes him to morph into his opponent and laugh in their voice. One of his special moves, Soul Steal, causes him to change into his opponent for a short time. When fought as a boss in Arcade Ladder mode he has the ability to morph into other characters at will, pre-loaded before the fight, in addition to the opponent: Two other fighters (in addition to the player character) in 1-on-1 and one other fighter (in addition to the player's characters) in tag team. His secret fatality also allows him to essentially "possess" his opponent and make them kill themselves. During the story mode, he takes the form of Sub Zero and fights Smoke. During this fight, he does not morph into another character.

As a result he can transform into the female characters Sonya, Kitana, Mileena, Jade, Sindel and Sheeva and eventually (thanks to future DLC) a new red female ninja appropriately named Skarlet. He can also turn into the other male characters and the robots but not the bosses: Shao Kahn or either of the other Shokan characters Goro and Kintaro.

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