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Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Sky
  • Categories:Monster, Video Game, Inanimate, Male
  • Also Known as Dragon Quest: Sentinels of the Starry Sky in Europe
  • System: Nintendo DS
  • Released: July 11, 2010
  • © Square-Enix and Nintendo
  • Series: Dragon Quest


Celestrian to Human

The Hero starts as a Celestrian, a winged angel, and after something happens to the Observatory, he or she falls to Earth, and becomes human.

Human to Monster

The Fygg is a magical fruit that when consumed grants a wish. Abott Jack of Alltrades consumes one, and is changed into aClick to show spoiler
ynetr zbafgre, Znfgre bs Ahha. Bapr gur ureb orngf gur zbafgre, ur punatrf onpx gb uhzna.

Jona's father disappeared on the night of the earthquake. It is revealed that he consumed a Fygg and his spirit was transfered intoClick to show spoiler
n ynetr junyr, Yyrivnguna. Jura gur ureb orngf gur zbafgre, uvf fcvevg vf serrq.

Inanimate to Human

Another Fygg was given to the very sick Marion of Bloomingdale. On her death bed, she feeds it to her doll, MarionetteClick to show spoiler
jub gura gheaf vagb n uhzna. Jura fur vf erfphrq, fur tvirf onpx gur Sltt naq gheaf onpx vagb n qbyy.

Animal to Monster

In Gleba, the Queen's lizard takes a bite of a Fygg and turns intoClick to show spoiler
n Tenaq Yvmmre, n tvnag zbafgre gung pna gnyx. Ornggvat vg ergheaf vg gb vgf byq sbez

Male to Male

In Stornway, during one of the post game quests, the King arrives to inspect the Inn to see if it is worth contending for the Inny.Click to show spoiler
Vg vf erirnyrq gung gur Xvat npghnyyl neevirf qvfthvfrq nf n cbbe zna. Nsgre fcraqvat gur avtug va gur vaa, ur punatrf va sebag bs gur cnegl onpx vagb gur xvat.

Reference to Other Games in the Series

Several of the characters from the previous Dragon Quest series appear as guests at the Stornway Inn. They will give you pieces of armor that allows you to look like them. Some of this armor is meant for one gender, but can be equiped on both. In all cases, equiping armor changes your characters appearances. There are wigs, armor, gloves, shoes, legwear and gloves that can change your appearance.
Note : While this is not a transformation, it does allow you to change your character's appearance, and can be viewed as a transformation.

As a reward for mastering one of the Vocations, and choising to revocate it, you can recieve an item that removes most of the gender restrictions on what armor you can equip.

As a reference to Dragon Warrior VII, there again is an old man at the place where you can change Jobs, in this case vocations. He is asking to become a Maid, but his request is initially denied.

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