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Princess Lucinda #0
Categories:Animal, Size, Inanimate, Comic book


This comic has two stories revolving around a bratty princess named Lucinda with vast magical powers. I have to admit I brought it for the TF's but stayed for the great art and well written /dark/clever stories.

Lucinda can best be described as the Anti-Sabrina in that she doesn't have any of the other's character , I rather not use magic angst. In fact she reminds me a lot of Sabrina's cousin from the TV series only unlike that cousin she's not limited to shrinking people.

Both stories have lots of TF's usually Lucinda turning people into animals or objects for perceived wrongs or just for fun. As Was said on Firefly ,"Some people juggle geese" I guess were Lucinda is from ";Some people turn people into things for amusement".

The artist in the first story does this crazy looking morphs style TF while in the other its, "poofs" or quick transitions.

Additional from Son of the mad titan

Take a spoiled Princess of a witch with a love of TF and unleash her on the world and you get Princess Lucinda issue 0

This comic has great art, great story and lots of transformations. I don’t want to spoil it but Princess Lucinda’s favorite word is “Change” and people do just that when she says it into animals, objects, shrinking and even one AR/TG.

Some is , “poof” type of TF, some is progression and some is a freaky liquefaction type.


Princess Lucinda Website
Website of the publisher, you can buy the comic online.

originally posted by guest(animefanboy) on 2010-06-11, 1 edit, entryid=8535