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Tayutama-Kiss on my Deity
Categories:Gender, age, animal, anime, magic


Based on the novel "lump of sugar". It tells the story about High schooler Yuuri Mito who is a desecendant of a legendary priest named Yachimata, who in the past sealed away evil spirits called Tayutai in a relic. In an attempt to purify the relic, he accidently ends up releasing them all, along with a benevolent Tayutai named Kikurami who seeks to create harmony between Tayutai and humans, she takes on the form of a young wolf girl, to marry Yuuri to help bridge the cap between humans and Tayutai.

Age spoiler
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Yuuri's spiritual power allows him to transform.Click to show spoiler
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originally posted by guest(Lord Demitri Maximoff) on 2009-09-18, no edits, entryid=8428