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Odin Sphere
Categories:Furry, Male, Gender, Animal, Monster, Video Game
  • Sony PlayStation 2 (2007)
  • Copyrights of Vanillaware, Atlus and Square Enix


Cornelius, the young prince of Titania, suddenly wakes up to find himself in a strange and desolate place, and his body has somehow become that of a "beast".
He has in fact been transformed into a Pooka, a rabbit-like creature that walks upright and has the ability to speak.
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Vg vf erirnyrq yngre va uvf fgbel gung gur Cbbxnf ner nyy sbezreyl uhznaf: gur pvgvmraf bs gur snyyra xvatqbz bs Inyragvar, jub jrer phefrq ol gurve xvat.

After escaping the Netherworld, Cornelius returns to his kingdom to find that there is someone who looks and sounds exactly like him there!
He follows the impostor into the forest and catches up to him, at which point the fake Cornelius transforms into Cornelius' love Velvet.
The shapeshifter battles Cornelius in the form of Velvet. After being defeated, he finally returns to his true form, that of Velvet's twin brother Ingway.
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Vg jnf va snpg Vatjnl jub genafsbezrq Pbearyvhf vagb n Cbbxn, gb cerirag uvz sebz orvat jvgu Iryirg.Pbearyvhf qvfpbiref gung gur Cbbxn'f phefr pna or haqbar vs nyy gur pbvaf zvagrq ol Inyragvar pna or tngurerq, ohg guvf vf abg npuvrirq ol gur raq bs gur fgbel.Ubjrire, hcba yrneavat gur gehgu, Iryirg rzoenprf Pbearyvhf naljnl, fnlvat vg qbrfa'g znggre jung sbez ur vf va.

In the Fairy princess Mercedes' story, she encounters a helpful talking frog who follows her for most of the story.
He is in fact a man who was cursed into that form, and thus needs a kiss from a powerful Fairy to return to normal, much to Mercedes' dismay.
During the story he uses a less powerful version of this spell in potion form to disable some soldiers by turning them into frogs.
The Frog effect is also a status effect in the game, caused by some magicians, and can be caused or healed at any time by drinking the (M)etamorphosis potion.
Near the end of Mercedes' story, she finally kisses the frog (after he has transformed a sorcerer into another Pooka), and he returns to his human form.
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Vg'f Vatjnl ntnva.

--- Spoilers for final chapter and ending below ---
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Ng gur raq bs Iryirg'f fgbel, naq bapr ntnva va gur svany Nezntrqqba puncgre, Vatjnl genafsbezf uvzfrys vagb n uhtr, guerr-urnqrq zbafgre xabja nf Qnexbin, gur Qrzba Ornfg.Vg vf rkcynvarq va gur fgbel gung gur sbezre Xvat Tnyyba bs Gvgnavn nyfb hfrq guvf cbjre, juvpu vf obear bhg jura lbh zhfg svtug uvf mbzovsvrq Qnexbin sbez va Nezntrqqba.Gura pbzrf Xvat Balk bs gur Sver Xvatqbz, jub zbecuf vagb n ynetr sver zbafgre - gubhtu guvf vf va snpg uvf gehr nccrnenapr.Va uvf raqvat ntnvafg Balk, Bfjnyq'f fbhy vf qribherq ol uvf fjbeq naq ur orpbzrf n trarevp Eriranag zbafgre.Ynfgyl, va gur gehr raqvat, Iryirg vf nyfb genafsbezrq vagb n Cbbxn nsgre fuhggvat qbja gur Pnhyqeba.Pbearyvhf naq Iryirg erznva va gurfr vzzbegny sbezf sbe gubhfnaqf bs lrnef orsber svanyyl ertnvavat gurve uhznavgl.

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