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Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride
  • Categories:Monster, Video Game, Inanimate
  • Dragon Quest V: Tenk� no Hanayome(Bride of Heaven) in Japan
  • Dragon Quest: The Hand of the Heavenly Bride in Europe
  • System: Super Famicom in Japan only
  • Released: September 27, 1992
  • Enhance Remake Released for Sony PlayStation 2 on March 25, 2004 in Japan only.
  • Enhance Remake Released for DS as Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride on February 17, 2009. This is the first release of the game outside of Japan.
  • Also Known in Europe and Australia as Dragon Quest: The Hand of the Heavenly Bride
  • � Square-Enix
  • Series: Dragon Quest


Human to Monster

After the Hero and Harry escape, they learn that many bad things have happened in Coburg. When they investigate, they find 2 Queens of Dowager. When they later return with the Mirror of Ra, they see the truth.
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Gur Dhrra gung unf orra ehaavat gur pnfgyr vf npghnyyl n zbafgre va qvfthvfr. Hcba orvat erirnyrq, vg gheaf vagb n Snhk Qbjntre, naq zhfg or qrsrngrq ol gur cnegl.

Monster to Monster or Human

There are some monsters that can cast the morph spell. They become a copy of whomever in your party they use the spell on. Once they become a copy, they have all of the originals spells and abilities.

No one in the party can learn this spell. (Can anyone confirm?)

Human or Monster to Dragon

The Puff spell changes a person in a large fire breathing dragon. The change lasts until the end of the battle. Once the person changes, they cannot be controlled.


As a plot point for the transition from the second to third generation, 2 characters are turned to stone.
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Gur Ureb naq uvf jvsr ner ghearq gb fgbar gb cerirag gurz sebz univat nal puvyqera. Ubjrire, gurl unq puvyqera orsber gur ureb'f jvsr jnf xvqanccrq. Gur Ureb fcraqf 7 lrnef nf n fgnghr, naq vf fbyq bss gb n jrnygul zna. Juvyr n fgnghr, gur Ureb pna frr naq urne rirelguvat, ohg pnaabg zbir be gnyx. Ur vf svanyyl serrq ol uvf 'hapyr' jub oevatf uvf fba naq qnhtugre gb uvz.

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