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DC Universe: Decisions #1-4
  • Categories:Gender, Male, Male to Female, Possession, Comic Book

DC Universe: Decisions #1

Title: "The Green Endorsement"
Cover Date: Early November 2008

DC Universe: Decisions #2

Title: "The Great Debate"
Cover Date: Late November 2008

DC Universe: Decisions #3

Title: "Time To Take A Stand"
Cover Date: Early December 2008

DC Universe: Decisions #4

Title: "Power To The People"
Cover Date: December 2008

�DC Comics


Throughout this series, several people begin to attack and kill various political candidates that are running for office in the November election in the DC Universe. Each time a person is stopped, they have no knowledge of what they had done, and have no idea how they got where they were.

The Justice League think that it might be someone using mind control. Further research indicates that the person is possessing people.
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originally posted by Sara on 2008-11-15, 4 edits, entryid=8183