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Categories:Gender, Female, Body Swap, Television Episode
Season 1, Episode 20
First Aired: 10 August 2008


In the beginning of this episode, Alex and her brothers are being taught by her father how to do a body switching spell. In class, her father tests her by suggesting she swaps bodies with him. When he approves and asks her to do the reverse spell, she thinks for a second and because she has his body and wallet, leaves the lesson and goes on a shopping spree. Her surprised father (in her body) runs out to stop Alex. The change back is not shown.

In the main plot of the episode, it is a while later and time for Alex's Quincea´┐Żera, or 15th birthday because she's Latina. She doesn't want to celebrate by wearing a fancy dress and high heels so she switches bodies with her mother, who never had a Quincea´┐Żera of her own, giving her and her mother both what they want most.

Meanwhile, Alex's brothers did not finish learning to dance in time so they swap with their male and female dance teachers for a dance with Alex (occupied by her mother). After the dance, the boys swap back. Alex has fun watching her mother enjoy her never experienced teenage dream.

What Alex didn't learn by leaving the lesson early is that the switch becomes permanent at sundown!

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