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DC Infinite Halloween Special #1
  • Categories:Comic Book, Animal, Male, Monster, Possession
  • Cover Date: December 2007
  • One Shot
  • DC Comics
  • Character: Deadman


This comic is a one-shot set with 13 mini stories. The premise of the overall storyline is that the criminals held in Arkham Asylum have broken free of their cells, but cannot yet escape. The Joker is running the show, and says that they need to wait until the shift change, so to pass the time they should all tell scary stories.


One of the tales told is of a team of Were Wolves that are running around Gotham that police themselves. When one gets out of control, a pack goes after it and takes care of it.


This one is a bit hard to classify, but in a nod or parody of sorts to the Charlie Brown tale "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown", there is a tale of Harley and Dennis, which sounds a lot like Charley and Linus. These two men (Harley and Dennis) raise the Pumpkin Sinister to take revenge on Blue Devil, because he stole Harley's one true love, the red headed girl many years ago.


At the end of the story, it is revealed that it was not actually the Joker, but Deadman who possessed the Joker that was using the stories as a way to stall everyone until the police could get there to put everyone back in their cells.

originally posted by Sara on 2007-12-03, 3 edits, entryid=7819