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This is the place to list any transformation related stories that can be found on the interactive, user-created fiction website

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Doggon it!
The Shaggy Dog by Yoshi king - Based on the 1959 classic!
Mom's A witch! by Yoshi king - Adventures of a kid who's mom is a witch!
The Dog curse by Yoshi king - What Happens when a family is cursed to become dogs?
The Pet Switch by Yoshi king - You switch bodies with your pet? can you switch back?
The Wolf Pack You are teleported do the world of animals and have to choose, what animal to become
Doggon it! You wanted a dog. A witch give you cookies which changes humans into dogs
Doggy Babysitting Your babysitter apperas to be sorceress, which changes you to the dog because handle dog is more easy than a kid
The Animal Experiment by Yoshi king - The Mandle family has transformed one family member into an animal for Science!

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Body Swap etc. Collection by Federation - A starting point for various body swapping story ideas. Ideas include a body switching lotion, switching via kiss, changing into somebody by wearing their clothes, etc.
Mind Warp by Apache - Main character gains the ability to swap bodies after being involved in a hit and run.
M(or)P(h)3 Player by Webber - A special mp3 player allows you to morph into other people.
Soul Among the Living by The Visionary - You become a ghost and gain the ability to possess others.
Switch Back to High School Life by Loran - You switch bodies with your sister thanks to magic rings...
Changes by ne044 - You acquire a magical ring with the ability to change your form, as well as the forms of others.
Fictional Girl Body Swap by IYSaotome - Thanks to a strange device, you're able to enter the worlds of various anime, comics and video games... by entering the bodies of the female characters!
Spend a Day In Their Shoes by him - A teacher curses Dave to wake up in a different body every day.
Cursed!!! by kevinb1 - An old crone puts a curse on you, causing you to take over the body of a nearby person every two hours.
MySpace Possession by Kick - An add-on for MySpace allows you to get to know other MySpace users very well... by letting you possess their bodies!
The Body Possession Powers by Nptox18 - An accident while snooping around a military base gives you the ability ot turn into a strange substance and take over another person's body. by Axel - A strange website called allows you to transform anybody.


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