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The Last Days of Foxhound
Categories:Gender, Animal, Male, Possession, Clone, Webcomic


A webcomic written and drawn (in paint) by Chris Doucette on his website Gigaville. It acts as a prequal to the game Metal Gear Solid and portrays the activities of Foxhound (the antagonists of the game), based on cannon material with the author's imagination filling in the gaps.

The character Decoy Octopus recieves much more "screen time" in the comic than in the game it is based on. His main ability is to transform into others (the process isn't explained fully, but it seems to involve drinking their blood), indeed he does not appear to have a real form. He initially mimics Revolver Ocelot , then at the end of the first story arc...

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...ur zvzvpf gur nep'f nangntbavfg, Wrafba Xleabfm, univat bognvarq uvf oybbq nsgre Bprybg fubg uvz.

He later impersonates the unit's female sniper, Sniper Wolf , in order to take her place in a hostage situation. After running out of the blood he obtained in the aformentioned first arc he continues to dupe Ocelot and Liquid Snake , wearing a fedora hat to avoid confusion. He also mimics several characters from other webcomics and (in a flashback) Wolf's pet...wolf.

In addition to this the character Psycho Mantis is a powerful (yet insane and violent) psychic who often mind controls others (although he does not directly possess them).

Finally the strip's main character, Liquid Snake is possessed by his dead "father" Big Boss . As this is only possible because Liquid is a clone of Big Boss and thus his body is, technically, his; Octopus is forced to transform into Liquid in order to allow him to be possessed by the later and face BB down.


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