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Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together
  • Categories:video game, body swap, species, gender, inanimate
  • Game System: Playstation (English), Super Famicom (Japanese), Saturn (Japanese)


In this isometric strategy game exists a powerful set of equipment aptly dubbed "Ogre" equipment. Aside from becoming all but impervious to attacks with the full set equipped, the "Ogre" sword casts a spell called BodyGrab when used as an item. When a character uses BodyGrab, they steal the body of a random human or demi-human on the opposing team, whether it be an enemy or simply one of your own units seperated onto another team in Training Mode. When you steal their body, your name, intelligence, and mentality stats all remain the same, but you take their appearance, physical stats, position on the field, and equipment. There's some limits however - only generic, non-story characters can use BodyGrab, and they may not steal the body of story characters or non-human/demihumans. (sorry, no dragon or gryphon swaps..) But outside of that, go crazy. You could have your Soldier who's in a dangerous situation steal the body of the Terror Knight who was about to slay him. You turn your Witch into a buff Hawk Man, or turn your effeminate male Warlock into a beautiful female Angel Knight, have that Gremlin turn into the real boy(?) he's always wanted to be, or have your frail female Faerie trap an enemy male Knight in her body.

Secondly, a spell in the game known as Snapshot can be cast, consuming the caster and morphing them into a sword. The sword's appearance, stats, and abilities are based on what kind of character transformed into the sword.

Snapshot makes it into the prequel, Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis for the Game Boy Advance, as the Snapdragon Scroll, which behaves the same way aside from now being a usable item instead of a spell. Unfortunately, BodyGrab and the Ogre equipment did not make it into Knight of Lodis however.

anonymously posted on 2007-06-28, 1 edit, entryid=7624