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Justice League Unlimited #33
  • Categories:Gender, Age, Comic Book
  • Title: "Everything Old is New Again"
  • Cover Date: July 2007
  • (c) DC Comics


Stargirl and Crimson Avenger are both arguing about the fact that she's young and brash, and he's old and careful. They both get caught up in a spell Morgaine le Fey is doing in order to make her son Mordred young again, and get their bodies switched. So they are forced to walk a mile in each others shoes. Mordred does become a child again.

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In this issue of JLU, the League�s oldest member, the Crimson Avenger, and its youngest, Stargirl, find themselves in body-swap comedy territory after they try to stop Morgaine Le Fey from stealing the London Stone and using it to de-age her son Mordred. As is often the case with JLU, our heroes learn a life lesson along the way: constantly sniping at each other for being too old and too young respectively, by the end each has come to respect the other�s viewpoint.

From rugal
Based on the cartoon show. Stargirl and Crimson Avenger have been arguing. Stargirl thinks Crimson Avenger is old and out of touch, Crimson Avenger thinks Stargirl is young and impetuous. During a fight against Morgaine le Fey, who's stealing a magical stone to make her son Mordred young again, Stargirl and Crimson Avenger accidentally touch the stone and switch bodies. Typical kids show style bodyswap adventures ensue and at the end, they're switched back while Morgaine le Fey and Mordred are accidentally switched.


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