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Dui Huan Ai
Categories:Gender, Television Show
English Title: Exchange Love, Love can never be gone
English Title (revised): Why, Why, Love
Cast: Rainie Yang (girl peddler), Mike He (young playboy)


The plot revolves around two extremely opposite individuals, a handsome rich yet rude playboy and a hyperactively cunning steamed buns vendor. The two meet at an unexpected encounter and the guy ends up insulting the girl peddler angering the gods. On the other hand, this girl who works 3 odd jobs forever prays to experience the rich life. The gods take action after their fateful cross of destiny and the girl and guy wake up the next morning with their bodies switched.

The story proceeds with the two of them trying to adjust on each other's life as they slowly learn to help each other into getting back to their own physicality. With the guy being betrothed for business matters and the girl still harboring love for her sister's boyfriend, will they get through it?

The series filmed from November 2006 to January 2007.
Currently scheduled for broadcast beginning in June or July 2007.

Updates - August 2007

The series is now into the 5th episode.

The name has changed from "exchange Love" to "Why, Why, Love"

While the rest of the story is not yet seen, it appears that the reason for the title change may be because of a rewrite that leave the body swapping parts of the story out of the final scripts. The swap is no longer mentioned in more current descriptions of the series with the new title.

Episodes so far can be viewed at Youtube and Veoh among other sites.

anonymously posted on 2007-02-26, 8 edits, entryid=7382