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Dara III: Ranma Syndrome
Categories:Comic Book, Gender, Russian


Russian comic series where two main heroes - Dara and her partner Cooler - travels through different computer games.

"Dara" is a russian comic strip, once posted in MegaGame magazine. It doesn't exist anymore and comic remains unfinished. Still some of it's episodes contain huge transformation elements.

The main heroes of comics are female agent Dara and her partner Cooler - hacker and inventor. Once, Cooler built a machine that could transport people into computer games. Dara was his first guinea pig testing that machine, but Cooler accidentally fell into the portal too.

Unfortunately for Cooler, there was one little condition - people must be naked to travel through the portal, in order to remain themselves and get all the necessary equipment to survive in the new world. But since Cooler was wearing clothes, he transforms into one of game characters every time he passes through the portal.

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The comics are no longer copyrighted, and are in the Russian language.


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