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Doom Patrol #15
  • Categories:Age, Comic Book
  • Title: "The Man Who Lived a Lifetime"
  • Cover Date: October 2005
  • (c) DC Comics
  • Doom Patrol, Vol.4


The Doom Patrol (Negative Man, Robot Man, Eleastigirl) investigate a strange mutant who drained his mom's life force when he was born, killing her. The little baby ages into a boy, and then drains another victim, becoming a teenage boy who is naked, gaining the attention of a high school coach and some girls. The coach is attacked and he is killed, then the young teen is an older man with a beard. The Doom patrol track this strange person to a diner where he is about to drain the counter lady when she asks him if he wanted any food to eat and the man's eyes glow red.

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