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Class of 3000, "Funky Monkey"
Categories:Furry, Television Episode


The Upperclassmen are putting on a musical version of King Kong called, "The Kong and I" and Sunny Bridge's class has to help out. Little D has been given the task of helping out the actor that will be playing the role of King Kong.

Little D points out to the tempermental star that he is short and looks nothing like King Kong. The actor then said that he will be doing some "method acting" where he will grow four feet and become covered in black hair (and that he has been on a strict diet of bugs and grubs for a while). The transformation is shown as example in his mirror. Little D doesn't believe that he will be a very good King Kong.

The Upperclassman Actor then comes out for a run through to reveal that he has made good on his word and now looks exactly like a gorilla, only to find out that he has been replaced by an actual gorilla named Momo that follow Little D home from the zoo.

At the end of the episode, the zoo keeper mistakes the Upperclassmen for a real gorilla and puts him in the gorilla pen with the others.

originally posted by KitsuneKit on 2007-01-08, 1 edit, entryid=7238