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Guru Guru Ponchan issue Unknown
  • Categories:Animal, Comic Book


found on Sorry, did not seen by himself, so quote:
"Ponta is a Golden Retriever puppy and the Koizumi family's pet. Full of energy, she is always up to some trouble. One day, grandpa, a passionate amateur inventor creates the "Talking Bone," which empowers animals with human speech when licked. Ponta eats the "Talking Bone" and turns into a human girl! Ponta dashes out into the street and is saved by Mirai Iwaki, the most popular boy at school! Her heart pounds and her face flushes. Why does she feel this way? Can there be love between a human and a dog! Ponta falls in love with a human boy. The effects of the "Talking Bone" are not permanent; Ponta turns back into a dog, licks the bone to become a girl again. Mirai, too, falls for Pon-chan and they start seeing each other. A dog and a boy are deeply in love... What will happen to them?"


magic bone

and result

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