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Jerry Shelton
  • Categories:Gender, Short Story
  • Title "devils from darkonia", (C)1945, editor ?, Drama, Fantasy, Suspense, body swap, possession, magic, body thief, pub standard magazines ?


A man answers a classified ad our primary character placed in a newspaper when he was a bit tipsy. "Wanted, business association with the devil or kindred demon. Interested party willing to trade one slightly used soul for favor granted." what does this man, a professor want from the demon who has answered the ad? He wants to fight in the war but doesn't meet the qualifications physically. So he wants a new body so he can fight. What kind? Something different, he replies. not a good choice of words to a demon When he gets back there is a delivery in his apartment bedroom. A bracelet will transfer him back and forth into the new body and back. but the body department made an error and gave his something really different. He gets a female body instead. well you know customer service departments, it takes a while to get an answer and he decides to try out the new form and goes to buy some clothes. Being a gentleman, he refuses to look at the body while dressing it. And then the real owner of the body shows up and she wants his help getting it back from the demons... a nice story pg rates but spunky for the 40's when it was published. a nice combo of humor satire sci fi adventure amd mystery. I give it 3 for tg elements 3 for amount of tg and 3 1/2 for overall quality my copy is from a pulp reprint from the 50's? but with no covers I cant tell you the issue. it might well be a magazine called fantastic story magazine judging by the editorial content about the author's other published stories doing well a while back in that magazine's "weinbaum issue" copyright data says it was originally published in the spring 1945 issue of thrilling wonder stories. good luck finding this one folks! (It runs from page 10 to page 49 including several pages of illustrations in the reprint copy i have)


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