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The X-Files episode The Unnatural
  • Categories:Gender, Gender, Television Episode
  • Title "The Unnatural", Series, Sci-fi, shapeshifter


In one of the latest episodes this season, Arthur Dale - a former Roswell cop - tells Mulder a tale involving the Conspiracy and baseball. Dale is charged with protecting an up-and-coming black player in the Minors named Josh Exley who is later revealed to be one of the shape-shifting Greys. When Dale finally sees "Josh"'s true identity, he faints and continues to do so every time "Josh" revives him. The alien decides to take on a form that Dale can accept and morphs into a *gorgeous* blonde and then sits in Dales' lap! It's not clear whether the alien plans to seduce Dale or is just playing with his mind as the scene is interrupted by another ball player who bursts into the room unexpectedly. Definitely worth a look! Written and directed by David Duchovny himself.



1. Dale is frightened by Exley's

true alien form ...

2. ... so he transforms into ...

3. ... an attractive blonde woman.

4. "Would this be easier for you

to handle?" asks the hot blonde,

still using her previous male voice.

Mulder investigates Josh Exley, a black superstar baseball player in the minor leagues who lived back in 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico. During his search he comes across Arthur Dales, a retired police officer whom became friends with Exley and accidently discovered that Exley was an alien in disguise. In a flashback moment back in 1947, Exley (in male alien form) transforms into a young woman in front of Dales for two reasons: 1. To prove to Dales that he has the ability to change into a human being. 2. And to transform into something more appealing to Dales. Great and twisted X-Files episode. David Duchovny directed and wrote the story.

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