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Weekly World News issue 2006 May 22
  • Categories:Furry, Newspaper


I'm putting this under comics because I can't seem to find the Newspaper option.

In the May 22, 2006 edition of the Weekly World News, they discover the secrets of Area 51. There wasn�t any transformation in that story but there was another story that was quite interesting.

Near Denver, Colorado, they discovered the remains of some town called �Cold Hill�. They also discovered that the residence of the town were all infected with a disease called �Raccoon Pox�
To quote team medic Dr. Jonas Klas:
�The disease apparently went through three stages. The hair turned to fur, followed by rings appearing on the buttocks and finally black markings darkening the upper face.�
According to the Weekly World�s findings the disease is not deadly but the after effects are. The people that get infected with it not only turn into raccoons but they also start to think like raccoons and begin to eat trash, which ultimately killed them. Though there was one report of two people that didn�t die from eating trash but that they were shot when a bank teller had mistaken them for bandits (it was because of the masks)

Also in that edition there was the world�s luckiest man whom was born with an actual rabbit�s foot. Walter O�Hare said one of his distant relatives slept with a rabbit and the genetic trait finally manifested itself in his rabbit foot. O�Hare said �Lucky for me it was the foot�and I don�t just mean it brings luck to me. If I�d been born say, with rabbit�s ears, I�d look pretty silly and my life would�ve been hell.�

You know it has to be true, it is in their newspaper and they got pictures!

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