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Gordon R. Dickson book The Dragon Knight series
  • Categories:Furry, Book
  • Title "The Dragon Knight series", (C) 1976-2000, British, Body Swap, Magic, Shapeshifter, Fantasy


A series of wonderful fantasy books in which a modern college man and his fiance are separately transported into an alternate universe of the middle ages wherein she retains human form but he winds up in the body of a dragon. This is the first book. in the 2nd -9th book he gains the ability to turn himself into a dragon whenever he needs or wants to. Contains other anthropomorphic creatures as well. Books are as Follows:
The Dragon and the George, The Dragon Knight, The Dragon on the Border, The Dragon at War, The Dragon, the Earl and the Troll, The Dragon and the Djinn, The Dragon and the Gnarly King, The Dragon in Lyonesse and coming in July of this year (2000) The Dragon and the Fair Maid of Kent.

A wonderful series, especially for dragon furries and/or dragon spirits.

originally posted by Sunshine Hatchling on 2000-03-17, no edits, entryid=5602