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A Reflection of Fear
  • Categories:Gender, Movie
  • (C) 1971, Illusion, Mystery, Suspense, On Video, pub RCA/Columbia


A very intriguing twist on PSYCHO almost ruined by one of the worst editing jobs in memory. Robert Shaw returns to an isolated country mansion with girlfriend Sally Kellerman in tow to visit his now-teenaged daughter Sondra Locke, who is being raised a virtual captive by Shaw's ex-wife, the now man-hating Mary Ure and Ure's crazy mother Signe Hasso. Locke seems fairly normal despite it all, aside from the fact that she has to take regular injections for a 'diabetic condition' she doesn't appear to have and holds heart to heart conversations with a large ventriloquist's dummy who occasionally kills people. You guessed it, the dummy isn't doing the killing, and misanthropic Mary has been keeping one towering secret from absent pa Robert about their shared child Sondra. As stated, the terrible editing turns a potentially overpowering chiller into a mishmosh, but if you ignore that (and all of the clues), the secret isn't revealed until he very last sentence spoken (over the telephone, by the by), and it makes for a smashing denouement. Worth looking for. DSF

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