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Steve Vance book The Hyde Effect
  • Categories:Were, Book
  • Title "The Hyde Effect", (C) 1985, Shapeshifter, Action, Horror, Suspense, pub Leisure Books


Best damn werewolf novel I ever read, maybe the best horror novel PERIOD. A captured serial killer is on display for the media and doctors in a high tech medical facility in California on the night of the full moon. Killer claims to be a true werewolf but nobody believes him, of course. So, the moon comes up, the killer changes, some idiot quarantines the building, trapping a couple of hundred people inside, and the werewolf has a grand old time in breaking into room after room and savagely murdering the residents. A delusional sixteen year old giant who believes he's a middle ages warrior valiantly fights the monster hand to hand. Horror, claustrophobia, courage, cowardice, even a tribute to THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE, what else do you want? Get this one by any means necessary!

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