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Doreen Dugdale
  • Categories:Animal, Short Story
  • Title ""They'll Never Find You Now"", In "ALFRED HITCHCOCK'S WITCH'S BREW, 1977", (C) 1977, British, Magic, Fantasy, Horror


One of the very best transformation stories I've ever read. In rural England, a brutal thief who has just scored a big robbery is fleeing from both the police and his former partners in crime, whom he has doublecrossed to take all of the cash. He is more afraid of his compatriots than the law. He stops at an isolated cottage in the forest, the only inhabitant of which is a seemingly sweet little old lady. Threatening her, he demands that she provide him with something to drink. LOL (Little Old Lady) complies, by giving him some of her "slow gin", for which she is widely famous. The thief becomes drunk almost immediately (an unusual reaction for him) but doesn't lose consciousness and reminds LOL that, drunk or sober, he can break her in half with his hands. Unconcerned, LOL begins cooking something on her stove while chanting in a language he doesn't understand. All at once, "a rearranging of molecule and cell" begins in the thief, and he's startled to abruptly find himself a tiny green frog. LOL carries him to her doorstep (he gazes up at her with "mournful bulging eyes", meaning he still has his own mind) and sets him down. When he doesn't move, she uses her foot to flip him into the yard, and he goes hopping away. Her final words to the once-human thief are, "Don't worry, they'll never find you now." A true CLASSIC! Find it, read it, enjoy it!

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