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Leslie Jones
  • Categories:Female, Short Story
  • Title "The Dil and Mrs. Ackenbaugh", In "Fantasy & Science Fiction August 1958", Body Swap, Body Thief, Magic, Comedy, Fantasy, Horror


A very pretty young woman starts an affair with a married man.Yvette is married to a college Prof and her lover is to a plain, very plump older woman. They decide not to get divorces and marry each other partly because they feel guilty and partly because the wife Ruth is not nearly as young, & attractive as her & where would she find another husband and it would be fair.
Foolishly the young woman calls up the devil who is rather world weary and Yvette wishes that she could have her love without hurting either her Husband or Ruth and there would be no chance in domestically arrangements. Of course the devil switches her body with the unattractive, older woman! Good last scene where the horrifed Yvette is staring into the mirror at her new fat body and then the phone rings and it is Ruth in the sexy young body calling to gloat and also come for a visit where the implication is that she will have an affair with her former husband and rub it in! Part of the devil's spell is that the new Ruth can't tell anyone and has to act like Ruth.

originally posted by Eric on 2000-07-08, no edits, entryid=5270