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H.P. Lovecraft
  • Categories:Gender, Mythical, Animal, Animal, Male, Short Story
  • Title "Various", In "Various compilations", Body Swap, Horror


In "The Festival," Abdul Alhazred writes how sometimes worms and insects that feed on the corpses of dead sorcerers become possessed by their spirits and grow to obscene sizes.

In "The Moon Bog," the owner and staff of a manor-house are turned into frogs.

In "Shadow Out of Time," ancient aliens living in ante-deluvian Australia perform unwilling mindswaps on humans and other beings from various times, to learn more about them.

In "The Whisperer in the Darkness," aliens stick a guy's brain in a jar, and then steal his face and hands to impersonate him.

In "Beyond the Wall of Sleep," dreamers become beings of light in another plane of existence during sleep.

In "The Lurking Horror," a degenerate family eventually evolves into canibalistic animals. His early tale, "The Beast in the Cave," has a simialar theme.

In "Pickman's Model," Pickman vanishes. He reappears in "Dream Quest of Unknown Kaddath," having been willingly turned into a ghoul.

In "Through the Gates With the Silver Key," a guy doing astral projection gets stuck in the body of an alien.

In "The Evil Clergyman," a guy screwing around with a strange machine gets permanently turned into another guy.

In "The Shadow over Innsmouth," a whole town is populated by people who turn into fish-monsters upon adulthood.

In "Herbert West-Reannimator" the title character is reduced to a living, bodiless, head.

In "The Thing on the Doorstep." A wife does take over her husband's body, but only after her father had taken over her body. The book ends with the father in the husband's body, the wife dead, and the husband in the wife's living corpse.

Good old Lovecraft, always wrote such cheery tales.

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