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The Borrower
  • Categories:Male, Movie
  • (C) 1989, 97 mins, R, Body Thief, Shapeshifter, Slow Change, Action, Sci-Fi, On Video


In this sci-fi effort, an alien serial killer is exiled to Earth, which is considered to be the worst place in the universe. It's given a human body, though it loses its head during a last-ditch escape attempt (I think). Since its brain is somewhere in its torso, it manages to survive, but it must have a head, so it proceeds to rip handy ones off of by-passers and plant them atop its gaping neck. Once the new head is "installed", the rest of the alien's form adapts to become a duplicate of the head's original body, leading to several gender swaps throughout the movie (I didn't place this in the gender category because we never really know what sex the alien was to begin with, or if it even had a sex as such). At one point, the alien is attacked by a vicious rottweiler and defends itself by -- what else? -- tearing off the dog's head and plopping it onto itself. The alien then undergoes a weird transformation which leaves it a half-human, half-canine amalgam (pretty cool effects here). Naturally, this is only a momentary metamorphosis in a flick packed with them, but it's an enjoyable one.

originally posted by Macaroni on 2001-01-15, 3 edits, entryid=4989