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The White Pony
  • Categories:Animal, Movie
  • (C) 1999, 85 mins, G, Magic, Comedy, Fantasy, On Video, pub New Concorde Production


Warwick Davis (of WILLOW and the LEPRECHAUN movies) has been filming a series of low-budget but rather charming family movies in which he portrays "Lucky the Leprechaun" (height-casting, I guess you'd call it), and in this one he helps young Leah (Carly and Natalie Anderson) to capture and train the almost legendary "White Pony" in preparation for a horse show. What we find out early on (no spoiler here) is that the White Pony is, in fact, a woman from Fairyland who has been transformed into a horse by an evil creature whose advances she spurned. All ends well, Leah and Lucky win the horseshow, the prize allows the White Pony to return to Fairyland, and upon leaving Earth, she is restored to her human form. Though she seemed entirely equine while in her pony incarnation (never showing any sign of human intelligence), she speaks to Leah and Lucky while appearing before them in silhouette (we never see her face) and grants each a wish. A fun movie for the kids, also starring Oliver Gunier, a usually karate-kicking action hero who never lifts a foot in this one.

originally posted by Macaroni on 2001-01-22, no edits, entryid=4988