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  • Categories:Male, Gender, Movie
  • (C) 2000, 90 mins, Cast: Stephen Balwin, Body Swap, Action, Sci-Fi, On Video


In the future people can travel quickly by exchanging bodies with a person at the destination point. In the movie the main character has his body stolen so he is now in the body of a clone. A woman he believes can help him wants to have sex with him as the clone. She also states that her friends have a bootleg mind transfer machine and that she has had sex as a man before and wonders if he will switch with her the next day at a party. She states that once he tries being a woman he will regret being a man. No actual tg transfer occurs but there are plenty of body swaps referred to in the movie and the premise is there.

In this Canadian direct to cable sci-fi adventure, long distance travel in the near future is often accomplished by sending the mental essense of the traveler to his destination through phone lines, there to be installed into another body (while the original mind of this second person is transferred to the first body). The hero, Toffler, starts out in his own form (Kim Coates), moves into the "borrowed" body of Kyle MacLachlan to find that his own body has been "hijacked" by an assassin, and then spends the majority of the flick in an artificially cloned corpus that looks suspiciously like Stephen Baldwin (the least offensive of the Baldwin Clan). A lot of other swapped bodies are featured, though none seem to be across gender lines (one female character does state that she knows what it's like to be a man and later tells Toffler that if he ever tried being a woman he would never be satisfied as a man again). Not a bad movie, though more of an action/adventure type of an effort than a pure body switch movie.

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