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Winx Club episode Shadows in Bloom
  • Categories:Female, Television Episode


The Winx Club has been on and the main character Bloom (the red haired fairy) is transformed into "Dark Bloom" by Professor Avalon, the "paladin" who came to Alfea to teach a new class on congenital magic (learning of your past to unlock your powers). The other girls, Bloom's friends, Tecna, Stella, Flora, Layla, and Musa attempt to stop Dark Bloom from getting her hands on the 3rd piece of the Codex. The Psychic Pixie, Concorda, shrinks Dark Bloom down to keep her away from the Codex. Lockette attempts to give a kiss to Bloom to change her back (a bonded Pixie can break an evil spell with a kiss). Dark Bloom fakes changing back and then gets the codex, and gives it to Kerbog, Lord Darkar's minion.

The fake Professor Avalon is a creature that Lord Darkar turned evil to pose as his prisoner. A later episode shows the real Avalon coming to Alfea and talking with the Headmistress, Feragonda, showing her her letter of invitation to teach at her school. Stella goes to get water for the real Avalon and runs into the impostor, giving him the water to drink.

originally posted by guest (Kris Rothacher) on 2006-06-28, no edits, entryid=477