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Twisted episode Bonus Mileage
  • Categories:Male, Television Episode
  • Title "Bonus Mileage", (C) 1996, Australia, Body Swap, Body Thief, Fantasy, Suspense, Made for TV Movie, New Town Pictures


"Twisted" is a "Twilight Zone"/"Way Out"-like series from Australia which is now being run in the U.S. on the Mystery Channel. In the episode "Bonus Mileage", a nervous and boorish air passenger portrayed by Geoffrey Rush is drawn into a conversation with a smooth-talking fellow flyer from first class. The second man, "Jay Condor", deftly finds out that Rush is married to a beautiful woman whom he loathes and that his only child barely tolerates him due to the cash he gives the kid. This seems to please Condor, who gives Rush his business card. There's a strange flash of light which knocks Rush unconscious, and when he awakens hours later, he finds himself in Condor's clothing and -- upon further inspection -- in Condor's body (this body swapping takes place like the ones on "Quantum Leap", in that Rush remains himself to our eyes but is seen by himself and everyone else as the second man; when he confronts Condor, he demands to know why that guy is wearing "his" face). Once off the plane, Rush has no choice but to take the waiting limo to Condor's home, where he discovers that Condor's wife is leaving him due to "his" strange mood swings (this swapping has happened a number of times in the past) and that the police are coming to pick him up for stealing a Russian jewel. He phones "himself" (Condor) and learns that there is no chance of returning to his own body but that he can swap with someone else if he can get another man to accept the business card. Summoning a taxi, he tries to flee before the police arrive, but they stop the car. At the last second, Rush tosses the business card at the cabbie (who has a photo of his gorgeous girlfriend on the dash of the car), and while the police handcuff him and force him into their car, the taxi driver picks up the card. Poof! In a flash Rush is now the cabbie and the cabbie is screaming that the cops have the wrong man. Smiling, Rush drives away to investigate his new life and new girlfriend. He also still has the card, hinting that there will be more transmigrations to come.

originally posted by Macaroni on 2001-11-13, no edits, entryid=4652