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Cardcaptors episode The Switch
  • Categories:Furry, Television Episode
  • Title "The Switch", (C) September 23, 2000., Japanese, Body Swap, Comedy, Animated, English Dubbed


Our Cardcaptors are chasing The Change, which looks like a large blue iguana with spikes. It jumps up into the air and Sakura tries to catch it, but it lands on her head and leaps off into the air again. This time Li catches it as it falls to the ground and Kero leaps onto it. The Change struggles to get free of Li and Kero, as Sakura uses her sealing wand to seal The Change. When Sakura asks them if they're okay, Kero and Li realizes that they've switched bodies. Sakura is confused, but when they tell them that they've switched bodies for the first time, Sakura doesn't believe them until later. Sakura is worried and asks Kero(in Li's body) if it was permanent. Kero(in Li's body) is calm and tells Sakura that all they have to do is a reverse transformation, which means to be at the same place at the same time the next day. Li is the one really upset because he is the one stuck inside a stuffed animal. At dinner, Meilin tells Kero(in Li's body) that he sounds like that stuff animal. Kero(in Li's body) tells Meilin that she isn't the first person to tell him that. When Meilin refers to Kero as a stuffed animal again, Kero(in Li's body) tells Meilin not to call him a stuffed animal. Meilin is confused because Li(the real one) calls Kero a stuffed animal all the time. Kero(in Li's body) drinks the soup and we can tell that he doesn't like it. Li(in Kero's body) leaps off of a tree, onto a water pipe and leaps again to the dining room window. Sakura gives Tori another hamburger and hears a cat outside. She goes over and opens the window and sees the cat leave. Then she looks down and finds Li(in Kero's body) as Julian comes over. Sakura quickly closes the window so Julian couldn't see Li(in Kero's body). Li(in Kero's body) falls when he loses his grip. The next morning Sakura opened the drawer and finds Li(in Kero's body) awake and rubbing his head. Sakura tells him that she isn't taking him to school, but Li protested againsted that and Sakura agrees to bring him to school. At school, Li(in Kero's body) complains about Sakura being unorganized until the teacher comes by and tells Sakura that there's only 1 minute until homeroom starts. Sakura sees Mr. Terada holding a bag, which she finds out that there is a stuffed animal(present for his niece) inside it. When they enter class, a group of people is around Kero(in Li's body) as he shows them his video game moves. He shows them his favorite move, falls over and caused the group to laugh. Sakura is pretty annoyed at Kero(in Li's body) and tells him that he should keep a low profile. Madison comes over and finds out that Kero has been switched with Li. During a soccer game Kero(in Li's body) starts to run on all four limps and tries to headbutt the soccer ball, but the ball hits him in the head and Kero(in Li's body) falls to the ground. In the classroom, Li(in Kero's body) is watching and he is totally embarassed and is upset because he thinks his life is ruined. Someone hears him and goes into the classroom. He sees the stuff animal(Li in Kero's body) and picks it up to bring it to the lost and found. Outside, Kero(in Li's body) tells Sakura not to worry because the day is also through. Madison tells them that it would have made a great documentry. Meilin comes over and knows something is wrong and she forces the truth out of them. The teacher, Mr. Terada is about to go home when he gets a phone call. He drops his blue bag onto the same cart as a another blue bag, which Li(in Kero's body) is also in. As Li(in Kero's body) gets up, Mr. Terada picks up the wrong bag with Li(in Kero's body) in it. When Sakura and the group finds ""Li"" in the blue bag, they soon realize that it isn't really Li because it didn't have wings. Sakura realizes that Mr. Terada had a bag just like that and they ask Miss Mackenzie where Mr. Terada went. They found out he went to the toy store and they rush out of the school. They found Mr. Terada, but he doesn't have Li(in Kero's body) because he returned it to the store because his niece already had a toy just like it. They rush to the toy store and finally find Li(in Kero's body) inside a crane game. The store manager comes out, which forces Li(in Kero's body) to be still. Kero(in Li's body) uses the crane and tries to pick up Li(in Kero's body), but it failed and nearly pulled his head off. Kero(in Li's body) tries for the second time and I think it was a success because the next thing you know, they are back at the place where they switched bodies. Sakura uses The Change card to change they back. The next day at school, Sakura asks Li if he was having any trouble. Li is confused until Sakura opens up her backpack. It's Kero and he tells Li that it's good to see him again and asked Li if he could ride in his backpack.
There is a Childern's paperback version of this published as well, which I've seen.


originally posted by anonymous on 2001-11-15, no edits, entryid=4648