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Cristal Bier Party commercial Unknown
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Decouvert ya less than ten minutes on the forum of, it is one of best the change of age than I saw � this day! In a house of retraite(either in Spain or the advertizing is Spanish), an old lady is made embrace by a man then then sees a beer posed on a table "CRYSTAL BIER" it drinks a mouthful of it when the beer becomes luminous and indicates a magic capacity then. the hurdy-gurdy rams metamorphose in sumptuous a brunette under the avid eyes of a pensioner who then sees the centres of the young woman becoming again much more voluptuous than front. The pensioner drinks some in his turn, becomes again a young man then the festival starts and all the pensioners drinks some, a discrete morphing shows a woman with glasses and carrying a high red to become again in its turn very beautiful and very sexy brunette. In does the medium of young men and young young women delighted to be become again, a man enter astonished and requires of brown the v�tu of red "Madam?" (he says will signora and I maitrise not Spanish) prickly and volcanic brown him répond of a devastating smile "No signorita". THIS ADVERTIZING EAST DEMENT, the WOMEN ARE ALL HOTTER THAN the OTHERS AND J E defie whoever not to crack vis-a-vis with the "signorita" of the end. I cannot make captures of images and if those which saw or will see this advertizing can make captures avant/après, it would be to link: forum metamorphose, post "Need help, search Video !" or, you ruez above will not regret it!


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2 Comment: Cristal Bier Party
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originally posted by guest (xenocross) on 2006-07-05, no edits, entryid=458