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Diana Wynne Jones book Howl's Moving Castle
  • Categories:Female, Age, Animal, Inanimate, Book
  • Title "Howl's Moving Castle", (C) 1986, Magic, Comedy, Fantasy


Sophie, through a magic power she didn't know she had, accidently brings to life a scarecrow. However, this scarecrow is more than he/it appears to be.

There is a dog running around in the book who turns out to be a man bewitched by the Witch Of The Waste.

Young Sophie meets up with the evil and cruel Witch Of The Waste, who turns her into a 90-year old woman.

Martha and Lettie Hatter are step-sisters. Their mother sends Martha away to learn a trade,in this case, sorcery, and gets the beautiful Lettie a job at a cake shop so she can meet a suitor and get married. However, Lettie is the one who wants to be learn sorcery, and Martha wants to get married. So, they use a spell to swap appearances so they can get what they want. Minor subplot in the book, which features a LOT of transformations.

originally posted by Dale Ribbons on 2002-02-23, 4 edits, entryid=4520